Thursday, May 21, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 8

Psalm 8:1-9

Key Verses: 8:3

“When I look up at your skies, at what your fingers made—the moon and the stars that you set firmly in place—”  

All that God has made is good and beautiful. When we look at the natural world around us, we can see reflections of the glory of God. We see glimpses of the beauty of God in the stars and the flowers, the power of God in the Sun and the storm, we can see the gentleness of God in a summer breeze and a bumble bee’s wings. God’s creation is truly amazing and wonderful. We are continually surrounded by creation. We see it every day. And because it is always with us always surrounding us we forget that every inch of it shows us shadows of who God is and reveal to us truths about God’s character. Every bird, every flower, all of it is evidence of the magnificence of God. As you move through your day today pay attention; listen to the bird sing, pay attention to the delicate nature of a flower, look to the sky and ponder the infinite beauty that is always above our heads. God is good. God is beautiful. God is amazing. We can see God’s glory and God’s character in all of creation, if only we take the time to pay attention.


Thing to Think on

How often do you pay attention to God’s creation which surrounds you?

When you stop and pay attention what do you see? What do you hear?

What is God revealing to you today in and through creation?



A Prayer for Today

“For the beauty of the earth. . .” Lord, your world is beautiful. All you have created is amazing and good. Thank you for revealing yourself in so many ways. Thank you for showing me your glory in the stars, your beauty in a flower, and your gentleness in a soft breeze. Help me to see fingerprints of the creator in all creation and to give you praise for all the ways you continually show me who you are through the world around me. You are amazing and good and full of glory. I see this in all you have done and all you have created. Thank you. - Amen


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