Thursday, May 7, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 12

Psalm 12:1-8

Key Verses: 12:2

Everyone tells lies to everyone else; they talk with slick speech and divided hearts.” CEB

Help us Lord indeed! We live in a world where the reports about fake news are sometimes even fake news. One expert says one thing, and then one of our leaders says another. We do not know who to believe. It seems as if no one knows how to tell the truth anymore. And what is worse the people of God are swayed this way and that, following one “truth” one day and another the next. And at times the “faithful” are lending credence to things which appear to be counter to the way Christ called us to live. It is so hard to know what is right and who to listen to. It would be nice if God could just cut off the tongues of those who are spreading falsehoods, so we could know who to listen to. It is vitally important to always look to God for guidance to seek discernment from God as we try to find our way through this quagmire of half-truths, falsehoods and claims of fake news. Let us be people who continually go after what is good, what is worthy, what is honorable and what is true.


Thing to Think on

This was written a very  long time ago, it is interesting to think about how much has changed and how much has not.

Does it feel to you as if not even the “faithful” are faithful anymore?

What makes it difficult for you to trust the faith of others?

In what ways are the poor plundered and the groans of the needy ignored?

What does it look like to seek God in the midst of what is going on around us?


A Prayer for Today

Oh Lord, there are so many falsehoods. So many people vying for my attention insisting their message is true and all others false. I am drowning in half-truths, false claims and deceit. Help me to stay afloat. Lead me to what is always truth, help me to rely on you who are truth. Help me to be guided by your words and to follow you in all things. - Amen


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