Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making all things New

I am typing this blog on my "new" computer. Well it is not new and technically it is not mine, or at least it was not mine until my husband set it up in my church office. The shiny (my computer moniter is silver) "new" computer is my husband's Dell which he got while he was still in seminary. It stopped working sometime in the Fall of 2007. My husband took out it's insides put new insides in it, did some stuff to it (you all are now vaguely aware of how computer savvy I am not) and now I have a computer for my desk at my office in the church. I am sure what my husband did was "easy". I know it took longer than he had anticipated and needed more parts than he realized but between him and my father, that which did not work now works. And seems to me to not be "slow." I can do what I need on it, which is not much. Get on the Internet, and type my sermons. Yes all I need is a glorified word processor with a modem and I am happy. No matter how easy, or how much time it may have taken which my husband had not anticipated. As far as I was concerned this computer was ca put two years ago. We saved money, took Christmas money and bought him a new computer in Jan of 2008. This one has sat around "broken" since then.
This kind of makes me think about God. God is an expert at taken very broken things and making them new. God has takes us in all our sinful brokenness and uses us to work and minister and bring "Heaven" to earth. God allows us to be God's hands and feet on this earth and to be God's reflection to this world.
God takes the broken shatteredness of our lives and makes them new. God takes the horrible things we go through and can change them and not only use them for God but heal our brokenness but then allows us to use those broken and then healed circumstances to bless, heal and help others.
So much of who are we are are broken computers. When the computer came out of its box it worked wonderful. It was an amazing bit of technology. When God created us we were wonderful bits of humanity. God declared us good. But just like this computer which over time broke down, we are broken because of sin and evil in this world and in our lives. But God takes our brokenness changes us on the inside, makes us "new" and we are able to work and do the will of our Father in this world.