Monday, May 4, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 10

Psalm 10:1-18

Key Verses: 10:1

“Why do you stand so far away, Lord, hiding yourself in troubling times?” CEB

As I read the opening words of this Psalm, I get a clear picture of one of the “6 feet apart” signs which are so ubiquitous out in the world right now. We like the Psalmist we look around and see the wicked taking advantage of those who are the most vulnerable. We see people being uncaring of the harm they are doing to others. The poor keep getting poorer, working harder even as they are less able to support themselves. Those in the middle are being squeezed out of any bit of security they have gained. And those with the most continue, with the very actions and practices which perpetuate all this. The wicked keep on, because there are no immediate repercussions. There is no justice. They are free to act because they either do not believe there is a God who calls for justice or they have come to believe there is no retribution for their misdeeds. Perhaps they even believe the evil they do is good. We like the Psalm can see all this happen. And it seems God to us that way. Let us join the Psalmist and boldly call out to God, asking God to move. Ask God to be who God is and seeking justice for the poor, and to give strength to the weak. Cry out to God in our distress whenever we are witness the distress of others, asking for God to come close.

Thing to Think on

Does God feel far away?

Do you look around and feel like those who are doing wrong, do so with not consequences?

Whenever you see a misuse of power, or injustice, where do you feel God is?

Cry out to God, ask God to come close, to move, to work.


A Prayer for Today

Lord, come close! Do not keep your distance from us, especially now. We need you to work. We need you to do what you say you will do. Come close, bring justice to the poor, provide for the widow and the orphan and bring health to the sick. Draw close to us in our time of need. We need you right now to do what you say you will do. - Amen

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