Thursday, May 14, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 16

Psalm 16:1-11

Key Verses: 16:1-2

“Protect me, Lord God! I run to you for safety, and I have said, ‘Only you are my Lord! Every good thing I have is a gift from you.’” CEV 

How many times have we run to God, as a child runs to the safe arms of a parent? As God’s children, we are to trust God as implicitly as a small child trust his mother. There are so many place we turn first. To logic, to money, to the wisdom of others, to commonly accepted understandings of our society, we turn everywhere but God. And when we finally decide to come to God with our cares, we com reluctantly, as if we have given up and this is our last resort. “I guess if I can not figure this out myself, I will tur to God an see what God can do. When we come to realize that every good thing in our lives ultimately comes from God, we then can realize that it is to God to whom we should turn first. Relying on God should be our first instinct and not our last resort. God is a loving, kind, parent, who is continually seeking our best. Trust and reliance on God should be as instinctual as it is for an infant to trust her mother. God is our  strong mother and our caring father, who is there for us from the moment we open our eyes, until at last we close them and who is close by all through the night. All the good things which fill each of our days ultimately are gifts from God.


Thing to Think on

What would it mean for you to trust God as an infant trusts a parent?

How would that kind of trust in God change what you do?

What would it look life if God was all you wanted?

What would it mean for your daily actions, if your heart’s desire was firstly for the things of God and al other things secondary?

How does it change the way you think about being chosen by God to know that being chosen by God means that you in turn chose God?

What would it mean for God to be your first choice?


A Prayer for Today

Lord, I run to so many things. Too often I chose other things. And when I do chose you, I do not chose you first, I chose you third or fourth. Sometimes, I confess, you are my last choice. I want you to be my first desire, but the desires that fill this world are so easy to turn to. They are here at hand and I see them first and turn to them instead of you. Help me to learn to run to you. Help me to trust you implicitly and whole heartedly, with all things, in all things. Help my faith in you be my first reaction and not my final one. Help me to see all the joys in my life as coming from you and through this recognition learn to trust you in all things. - Amen

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