Monday, May 11, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 13

Psalm 13:1-6

Key Verses: 12:2

“How much longer, Lord, will you forget about me? Will it be forever? How long will you hide?” CEV

We look at everything is going on in our lives, in our world and wonder:

“Where is God?” “How long will God let this go on?” “How much longer must we endure under the current circumstances?” “How long do we need to continue to be confused and miserable?” “Is God hiding from us?” “Is God just standing by and allowing all this to happen and just play itself out?”

“Listen to us!” We cry. “Hear our prayers!” Even as we are uncertain about how God will move and act in these times, we call out knowing we can trust God. We lift our voices in prayer knowing God’s faithful love will bring redemption even to the situations in our lives and in our world right now. God’s light and God’s love can and will reach into the darkest places and bring light even to the most difficult of circumstances. We know we can rejoice in God’s saving works in this world and we will even as we stand in the midst of the darkness and chaos, will sing songs of praise to God, trusting that God, in God’s unfailing love will work to bring righteous, justice and redemption.


Thing to Think on

What do you feel God is forgetting? If you do not feel God is hiding? How do you feel? Do you feel abandoned by God? Lost from God?

Name how you are feeling about how God is or is not acting right now?

What would salvation and redemption look like for you right now?

How would you want God to act?

Let God know how you feel and what you want.

What does trusting God with all this look like for you?

Find a hymn which expresses how you trust God, sing it or read it to yourself.


A Prayer for Today

God, where are you right now? I am finding it hard to see your hand at work, in my life, in the world. It seems that everyone is turning against one another. Knowing who to believe and what to believe becomes harder and harder. I need you to make yourself known. I need to t see you are work in the world and in my life. I need to know you hear my cries and listen to my prayers. But I trust that you do. I know your love is unending and does not fail. I know you can and do and always will bring your goodness, righteousness and justice even to the places and situations which seem to be most void of it. I will trust that this is and will remain to be true. Help me to continue to trust you. - Amen

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