Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 14

Psalm 14:1-7

Key Verses: 14:5

“Count on it: they will be in utter panic because God is with the righteous generation.” CEV

This Psalm assumes anyone who is corrupt or does evil does not believe in God. Those who mistreat others, who devour the poor we know by their actions that they have turned against God. When God looks down upon those who do not live out the goodness and the righteousness of God are like fools who say, “There is no God.” When God looks down from Heaven upon you, let your actions speak of your belief and trust in God. What we say we believe is displayed in how we live, what say and what we do. Let us trust in God and not respond to the situations around us with panic. Let us work to help those who are struggling, work to life the poor out of poverty, and to bring relief to those who suffer, instead of devouring them like they were bread for our consumption. Let us reflect the love, the goodness and the righteousness of God in our lives, and thus with our lives say, “I believe in the one and only God, who is righteous and good.” Let our lives show that we are a part of “the righteous generation.” Let us live our faith in God in all we do.


Thing to Think on

What do your actions say about what you believe about God?

How can you live out your faith in God today?

In what ways can you work to alleviate suffering, speak for the poor and reach out to those around you with the love of God?



A Prayer for Today

Lord, our world is so full of people who say they believe in you, who say they are believers but their actions do not reflect who you are. It is so hard to tell the difference between those who love you and those who do not. Help me to not be discouraged by the actions of others, and to always choose to do what it right even when it seems no one else is. Show me how to live; how to act each day. Show me your righteousness so that I may too be righteous. If there is only one who follows you, let me be that one. - Amen

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