Monday, May 18, 2020

Manna for Today: Psalm 17

Psalm 17:1-15

Key Verses: 17:7

“Manifest your faithful love in amazing ways because you are the one who saves those who take refuge in you, saving them from their attackers by your strong hand.” CEB 

“Listen to what I am saying!” “Listen closely to my prayers!” This is our cry when we are desperate. Sometimes when we are hurting; when the situation in which we find ourselves seems to have no positive outcome; or when we are at our wits end, it feels like God is not paying attention. It feels as if God is only half listening. So in our desperation we join our cries with that of the Psalmist, asking God to listen, to pay attention. We know God’s love is faithful, and we know God can do amazing things, but it seems those ways are not inclined in our direction, it seems as if God’s love is being given to another and we need just a little bit of it right now. Manifest your love over here we say. God we know you are the who saves, come save us. We know your hand is strong. Let us see how strong it is. When we feel God is not paying attention (even though we know God is), it is ok to let God know you feel this way. It is ok to ask God to listen when you feel God is not paying attention.


Thing to Think on

Does it feel to you like sometimes others get more of God than you do?

In what way would you want to see God’s strength, God’s grace, God’s love today?

Tell God what you want, what you need today?

Ask God to listen.


A Prayer for Today

Oh Lord, there are so many things in my life which seem too big for me, so many things which over whelm me. I know they are not too big for you. I know you are not overwhelmed by them. Right now, it seems you are not there. It seems as if you are distracted by other things right now, by things, by situations, that may be more important or more desperate than I am. But I am hurting. I am desperate. Look at me. Pay attention to what is going on in my life. Hear my prayers, pay close attention to my cries. I need to experience your faithful love, know your strength and see the amazing ways you can work in this world. I trust you. Help me to trust you more. - Amen

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